Lego and National Geographic team-up for new environmental toy sets

New Lego City and Lego Friends sets will focus on exploration and protecting endangered species, including a homage to Boaty McBoatface.

It may be the Star Wars and Harry Potter sets that older fans are more interested in, but the bread and butter of Lego’s construction empire is the Lego City line and, more recently, Lego Friends.

Each year they have different themes they focus on and this time round Lego has partnered with National Geographic to create an environmental theme focused on deep sea exploration and animal preservation.

Which all sounds very serious until you see how that translates into some cooling looking submarines and a giant exploration vehicle that looks not entirely unlike what was originally going to be called Boaty McBoatface (they changed it to RSS Sir David Attenborough in the end, and named one of the remote control submarines Boaty McBoatface).

The Ocean Exploration Ship is the biggest of the Lego City sets but it has the neat ability to actually float in water and comes with a helicopter, submarine, and a shark cage (and an actual shark).

The Lego Friends sets are mostly land-based and include various jungle rescue scenarios, including baby elephants, pandas, and a tiger in a hot air balloon (it’s okay, it’s a baby tiger).

There’s an associated Explore the World website to help kids learn about the real-world issues that inspired the sets, with stories from six different explorers, such as elephant ecologist Dominique Gonçalves.

Lego has also announced that it will contribute towards the National Geographic Society to fund grants in ocean exploration and species conservation.

New Lego City sets
Ocean Exploration Ship (60266) – £124.99
Ocean Exploration Base (60265) – £54.99
Ocean Exploration Submarine (60264) – £24.99
Ocean Mini-Submarine (60263) – £8.99

New Lego Friends sets
Alpaca Mountain Jungle Rescue (41432) – £54.99
Jungle Rescue Base (41424) – £74.99
Tiger Hot Air Balloon Jungle Rescue (41423) – £34.99
Panda Jungle Tree House (41422) – £24.99
Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue (41421) – £17.99